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LeAnne Carswell started her real estate career in 1995 and went on to create a real estate team with Keller Williams in 2003. In the 27 years since, she has gained a wealth of knowledge of the inner workings of real estate. From professional ethics to the plethora of dos and don’ts that come with many years of experience. LeAnne Carswell started her own brokerage, the Expert Real Estate Team, in 2011 and has been cultivating real estate experts to join her team for many years. 

The Expert Real Estate Team has strong ties to the local community and has many partnerships with different local businesses and municipalities. The home office is in Greer, but their service and networking extend to all the upstate and parts of North Carolina. The Expert Real Estate Team’s Mission is to deliver the ultimate real estate transaction. They raise the bar by having agents with integrity who possess the knowledge to anticipate market changes. They pride themselves on being the breath of fresh air that sets them apart from the average agent. 

LeAnne Carswell and her team understand at their core that they provide a professional service to those that need to purchase or sell either a home or land. In an industry where knowledge is so vitally important, they take the time to not only learn, but to educate, so that the word “Expert” truly refers to the level of service they provide. With every client, they value honesty, integrity, exceeding expectations, and the assurance that they deliver what they promise. 

The team knows that listening is critical to success in the real estate industry. Not only listening but understanding, which allows them to tailor their area of expertise to each client’s individual needs.