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5 Things You Should Know About Natural Gas in The Home In Greer

Gas Water heaters

Today’s energy-efficient gas water heaters are more efficient than ever, heating water twice as fast as electrical models. And they even work when the power is out. So keep those showers flowing—while using less energy and saving more money.

Winter Heat

Compared to both older models and other energy sources, you can save hundreds of dollars a year in operating costs when you update to a new energy-efficient gas furnace. The heat from a gas furnace is 25 degrees warmer than heat from other fuels when it comes out the vent.


It’s no surprise that 97 percent of chefs prefer to use natural gas stoves which provide instant heat, precise temperature control, and even work when the power goes out.


Natural gas dryers sense when your clothes are dry, so you can save more than 48 hours of drying time a year compared to electric dryers. The heat dissipates quickly in a gas dryer, which means less wrinkles and static cling. Upgrading to a modern natural gas dryer can help you save on operating costs every year.

Resale Value

Building a natural gas home can be more costly with installing the infrastructure and buying gas appliances, but the overall operation cost is more cost-effective as gas is generally more efficient and cheaper. According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), on average, homes with natural gas have a 6% higher resale value than those without. The value may be perceived as even higher since neighborhoods that lack pre-existing natural gas pipelines have seen campaigns to bring gas pipelines into their areas.

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