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5 Ways Boost Resale Value In Greer SC

1. Painting

Stick with neutral colors throughout, like whites, beiges, or soft grays.”It’s fine when there’s an accent wall; when every room’s a different color, that’s cheap to fix with paint. Most realtors advise sellers to paint their interiors before listing.

2. Hire a professional cleaner

An expert cleaning can make a considerable difference, and often a professional cleaner will do the most thorough job. Pay attention to tile grout lines and any signs of mildew.

3. Brighten the kitchen

With a little touch of paint, dated kitchen cabinets can be easily transformed into a clean and appealing look. If the kitchen has other colors throughout, realtors will recommend painting the walls white to help brighten the space. Also, kitchen cabinets can be updated with new hardware, such as hand pulls.

4. Keep flooring consistent

Real estate experts would be more inclined to recommend a home improvement project if the house has several different kinds of flooring throughout. A more uniform flooring look—one or two varieties—can be more appealing to buyers. Real estate experts say that many buyers may expect hardwood floors or premium vinyl. But not all carpeting has to go. Though, many real estate experts do suggest removing any dated carpet, like those in colorful carpeting or any stained or worn carpet.

5. Replace dated countertops and appliances

Outdated appliances and countertops may send potential buyers scrambling for the door. If replacing the countertop, realtors recommend a bright and monochromatic look, such as a white or gray countertop made of granite, marble, or quartz. Butcher block countertops may be a more cost-effective option. Also, avoid brown or multicolored granite, which experts say can date a home.

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