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5 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home In Greenville SC

Increase the value of your home by upgrading to high-demand finishes.

If you’re hoping to sell either now or in the near future, you can improve demand for your home by choosing upgrades that are popular among today’s buyers. This might mean installing stainless steel appliances and/or quartz countertops in the kitchen, as opposed to other finishes that might not drive as much demand, even if they’re high-quality.

Invest in energy-efficient

Today’s homebuyers tend to place a greater emphasis on eco-friendly features due to not only an increased focus on environmental issues but a heightened recognition that energy efficiency will save them on their monthly utility bills.

If you are upgrading in-home appliances—ranging from your microwave to your furnace—seek out energy-efficient equipment that can lower the cost of your electricity and gas bills.

landscaping in the front

First impressions are often lasting ones. In real estate, that translates to “curb appeal.” Real estate agents talk about that concept for a reason: it has a big impact on the sales value of your home. Affordable landscaping and other modest enhancements to the exterior of the house can help increase its value to both appraisers visiting your home and potential buyers looking for a home of their own.

Fresh coat of paint.

Home is starting to look a little old, inside or out? A DIY paint job carries a low cost for materials, but it can have a major impact on the appearance of your home.

Whether you’re painting your living room, bedrooms, or even just the front door of your home, a bright coat of paint can make old surfaces look brand-new—and add some instant charm to your home.

Increase your finished square footage.

If you have an unfinished basement or other unfinished areas or rooms in your house, building out this space can be a low-cost way to add value to your house.

If you build out a basement bedroom in an unfinished area of your house, for example, you could easily add over 100 square feet to your home’s footprint while also adding another bedroom that offers a boost in value to your home.

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