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6 Reasons You’ll Love Living in SC!

1. You’re Surrounded By Tons Of Natural Beauty

Living in South Carolina means you will never be without nature’s calming beauty. From the mountains to the ocean, every day is a new opportunity for inspiration and motivation! South Carolina’s landscape is defined by its beautiful coastline, diverse wildlife, and vegetation, as well as the famous palmetto tree. Coastal towns are vibrant communities with a laid-back atmosphere that can make you feel like you’re on vacation! 

  Nestling up by the Blue Ridge Mountains in a cabin for the weekend could be an excellent opportunity to explore more of South Carolina. You’ll get great exercise and have plenty of opportunities to view amazing panoramic views while you’re out hiking, too! By living in South Carolina, you are within easy reach of some fantastic lakes. The seashore may get all the buzz; however, inland lakes like Lake Marion are perfect for sightseeing or catching some largemouth bass. 

  Although it is important to be careful as there could always be an alligator lurking around swampy parts of the lake! South Carolina is a treasure trove of natural beauty. Immerse yourself in Congaree National Park or check out one of the dozens of state parks, and you’ll have lots to explore!

2. Living Cost Is Important in South Carolina

If you’re hoping to relocate somewhere with a high quality of life but at an affordable cost, South Carolina is the place for you. While there are plenty of people who have already relocated here from more expensive states like California and New York in search of better opportunities, it’s still possible to find attractive circumstances that will allow your budget not only to survive – but thrive! The average South Carolina home has a price tag that is significantly lower than the national average. In other words, you’ll get more bang for your buck! Low prices don’t come at the expense of quality, though — new homes in SC are built with all of today’s amenities and technologies.   With South Carolina’s low cost of living, you can easily afford to explore the great outdoors. Imagine waking up in a cabin near mountains and spending your day mountain biking or going on hikes through lush forests! With just an hour’s drive from flatlands, we’re also close enough to visit breathtaking beaches where you can spend hours gazing out at the ocean waves crashing onto shorelines. South Carolina is home to many idyllic views and access to city amenities, all at a lower price than what you would pay elsewhere. You’ll be able to find good deals for the money in South Carolina.

3. Good Local Food

Food in South Carolina is rich and delicious. There are so many different types of food – grits, barbecue, oysters- but the best part about it all is that there’s always something new to try! The local peaches and tomatoes aren’t bad either. When it comes to traditional cuisine in South Carolina, there are a few staples. Boiled peanuts and grits will be the staple dishes you see at any restaurant as they’re two of the most popular foods down south. For an awesome southern meal that can’t go wrong, pair your choice of grits with some collard greens or shrimp for maximum comfort food!

  Travel to the Lowcountry, on South Carolina’s southern coast. Here you’ll eat delicious food that reflects what grows in this area such as fried green tomatoes and she-crab soup. Grab a glass of sweet tea and rock the afternoon away on your front porch while you dig into some fried foods, cornbread, and Pimento cheese. All this southern food can feel heavy but don’t worry – it will wash down well with that refreshing drink in hand. 

  If you’re looking for a classy night out, South Carolina has some upscale dining options available. One of the best places to visit is Sullivan’s Island near Charleston, where there are several incredible restaurants that serve refined cuisine. 

  South Carolina barbecue uses a vinegar base. The farther south you go, the more mustard sauce that is used in South Carolina’s sauces and dressings. You’ll also see tomato-based options available for those who prefer to use them instead of vinegar or mustard-based ones as well, so there are many different kinds of flavors from which one can choose when it comes to these types of Southern dishes found all throughout this state! In South Carolina, the main thing that folks like about using their spices and marinades on pork (or even ham) is how they’re cooked whole hog style with some special ingredients added into their recipes too at times such as brown sugar or molasses for example depending upon your preferences!

4. Staying Healthy Is Easy In South Carolina

Table Rock

Move to South Carolina and stay healthy! The warm climate makes it easy to get outside, plus you’ll have amazing medical facilities at your disposal when your body needs care. South Carolina has so many trails and outdoor activities that you’ll rarely have to work out on a treadmill indoors. You won’t need an excuse not to stick with your workout routine as boredom is unlikely in South Carolina! If anything, the sheer number of ways you can stay active will make it hard for you to choose just one activity. 

   Maybe some coffee and a good book at the beach sounds nice. But if you want to get your heart pumping, try out Table Rock Trail for a rigorous workout that will have you craving an ice cream cone afterward or opt for Rainbow Falls Trail to marvel at the stunning waterfall or take in some bird watching on your adventure through nature’s beauty. Looking for a place to relax and enjoy the sun? South Carolina is filled with plenty of golf courses as well as beaches!

5. South Carolina Means Mild Temperatures

South Carolina is the perfect escape from cold weather. All you have to do pack your bags and sell off all of those heavy winter coats, boots, hats etc., because when you arrive in South Carolina, it will be warm enough for shorts or short-sleeves!

Tired of firing up the snowblower or dealing with frigid temperatures? South Carolina is the antidote to your cold-weather woes. When you pack your bags to head south, just remember that all that bulky clothing can stay put until next year’s first frost as they are no longer needed once arriving at this southern haven where even its coastal regions don’t go below 50 degrees Fahrenheit during their coolest months–and highs remain above 70°F most days throughout. With average daily highs around 60 degrees during the winter months, you’ll feel much more comfortable than your friends in northern climates. This is because, unlike them, you won’t have to deal with snowy roads and can take weekend trips to places like Greenville or go on fun activities that they cannot due to harsh weather conditions. And while summers are hot here, too, there’s always something refreshing where one could cool off.

  In the winter months, South Carolina is an excellent state to live in. You can enjoy cocktails on your patio or sit outside around a fire pit and look up at all the stars above you! It’s also very common for family members visiting from out of town to stay over in their guest bedroom so having one could be beneficial as well.

6. Historical Charm is Everywhere

South Carolina has a unique history that is visible throughout the cities and towns. You’ll be able to see buildings with vibrant colors and intricate details, learning more about South Carolina as you go along! The oldest city in South Carolina, Charleston is brimming with gorgeous architecture that reflects its important history as a supporter of religious freedom. Church steeples rise from the skyline since it has historical significance and you’ll find just about every denomination represented. Many buildings feature beautiful stained glass windows or intricate carvings on their exteriors such as Mother Emanuel AME church which houses an inscription to “The Year of Our Lord 1791” above its entranceway.

  See how life in the south used to be like by visiting a plantation museum. Imagine yourself as an aristocrat from centuries ago.

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