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7 Reasons To Move To Greenville, SC

Greenville In Upstate South Carolina

1. Outside Fun All Year Long

Greenville, SC is a wonderful city to live in. We are surrounded by great opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking and biking while being close enough to amenities such as grocery stores, so you don’t have to go too far out of your way when it’s time for a quick errand. This makes Greenville the best place for families!

The nearly 20 mile Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville is a great way to experience the outdoors. Once an abandoned railway line, it now sees more than 500,000 users every year due to its perfect walking and biking conditions. There have been proposals for the expansion of this trail network into even longer trails!

If you’re moving to Greenville, SC, and love the outdoors, consider all that it has to offer. There are many fantastic opportunities for mountain biking and hiking trails in this area of South Carolina as well as kayaking, zip-lining, white water rafting, sailing, or even ice skating during winter months – going outside is a real treat here!

2. There Are Many Things to Do in Greenville

The downtown is beautiful under the light of day, with amazing scenery such as Liberty Bridge that overlooks Falls Park. At night, there’s a lively nightlife scene with plenty of restaurants and bars open late. The city of Greenville, SC is always hosting at least one event that’s sure to keep you entertained. From sports games and festivals, there is no shortage of activities downtown!

3. The Weather Is Pretty Awesome Year Round

People choose to move here because of the pleasant weather. There are four distinct seasons here, and it is generally warm and comfortable.

The summer in Greenville is a hot and humid one, with the average temperature sitting around 80 degrees. Roughly 43 days have highs above 90 degrees on average, while the growing season lasts for about 217 days.

The average temperature in Greenville during the winter is 42.2 degrees Fahrenheit, and 4.7 inches of snowfall can occur annually, with ice storms and sleet often included as well! April is typically the driest month, while July tends to be wetter than most other months throughout the year.

In Greenville, there are on average 220 sunny days per year. That makes it a great place to spend time outdoors!

4. The Arts Are Alive and Well in Greenville

If you love all things creative, then Greenville is where it’s at. You can even experience the wonderful worlds of the arts while just walking around town! There are a diverse collection of public artwork that will inspire and amaze you. 

If you’re more into music than the visual arts, Greenville is definitely for you. The Sigal Music Museum has an impressive collection of historically significant instruments as well as a vast record library that will make any audiophile’s heart jump with excitement. It’s part of why people are moving to this city – its culture extends far beyond what most cities can offer their residents and visitors alike!

5. Good Restaurants Live in Greenville

With over 100 restaurants all located within a mile radius in the city’s downtown, you’ll hardly get bored anytime soon. You can try Larkin’s on River for surf and turf or Halls Chophouse on Main Street if fine dining is more your style. Tupelo Honey has a mixture of southern charm and creative ingredient combinations. For some more traditional southern fare, head over to Soby’s New South Cuisine.

6. Falls Park Will Become Your New Favorite Spot

A 36-acre urban oasis in the heart of downtown, Falls Park is home to historical mill ruins and gardens. During the summer months, you can watch free Shakespeare play performances or movies outdoors! To put it simply, Falls Park is a must-see place for anyone in the upstate of South Carolina. The park has so much going on there constantly to keep people coming back time after time because they never get tired of what’s happening at this nature lover’s paradise. If you ever find yourself around downtown Greenville and are looking for something fun and exciting to do with family or friends, visiting Falls Park would be hands down your best bet!

7. Greenville Real Estate Is Affordable

When you decide whether to buy an expensive house in a desirable location or an affordable one that isn’t as great, it’s like being forced to choose between having your cake and eating it. Greenville, SC is a great place to live because housing expenses are 22% lower than the average in the US. With this affordable cost of living, you can find your dream home without making financial sacrifices.

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