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Estate Sales 101

In many ways, an estate sale is similar to a garage sale. There are price tags on all the items and a lot of people browsing to see what wonderful deals they will get. These events often come before a house is put on the market. If you’ve ever wondered what an estate sale is, how to hold an estate sale, or how to price household items for an estate sale, this post is for you. In certain instances, a homeowner may have an estate sale in order to sell their assets and downsize their home or move to another country, but these are a very small percentage of estate sales. From the way estate sales operate, most people do not hold them unless absolutely necessary.

Personal Items, Sort Through First, you should go through the room for any personal items or items of sentimental value, such as photographs, personal letters, or medical records. These shouldn’t be included in the sale.

How to price house items for an estate sale To price items for an estate sale, you should talk to a professional appraiser to get an idea of how much items are worth. While some items, such as furniture, may seem easy to price, there may be other items that need to be appraised. Jewelry, artwork, high-end electronics, equipment for expensive hobbies (such as photography, sports, etc.), and silverware should all be professionally appraised.

If you have decided to run an estate sale yourself or agreed to make an estate sale for the probate judge, you will have to choose the right company for your needs. We recommend Blue Moon Estate Sales for the upstate South Carolina

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