Visit with Dr. Yeager

To maintain a lifetime of healthy vision, the AOA recommends a comprehensive eye exam every two years for adults ages 18 to 60, and annual exams for seniors age 61 and older.

"At risk" adults should have more frequent exams. Risk factors for adults include:

  • A family history of eye disease (glaucoma, macular degeneration, etc.)
  • Diabetes or high blood pressure
  • A visually demanding occupation or one that may pose hazards to the eyes
  • Taking prescription or non-prescription drugs that may have visual or eye-related side effects
  • Previous eye injuries or eye surgery


Also, adults who wear contact lenses should have annual eye exams, according to the AOA.

With all the time we spend on computers I began noticing a change in my vision lately and realized it had been a while since I visited the Eye Doctor.  Thought I would share my experience with you all and I am delighted to say that I am once again able to wear contacts!