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Mauldin South Carolina

Whether you’re looking for activities in Mauldin or in the neighborhood itself, you will find plenty of fun things to do in Mauldin. Located just a few minutes away is Falls Park on the Reedy, one of the most beautiful sights you will find in the area. Featuring acres of beautiful gardens, a walking bridge, and highlighted waterfalls, it is one of the finest places to spend time in Mauldin.

If you’re thinking about moving to Mauldin, two of the most attractive neighborhoods around the town are Sunset Heights and The Grove, both of which have beautiful homes and well-maintained scenery. If you’re searching for apartments in Mauldin, Arbors at Brookfield offers reasonable prices for clean, comfortable places to call home.

Due to most of Mauldin being a residential area, Mauldin jobs are mainly limited to local shops and restaurants. But the nearby city of Greenville is flowing with opportunities of all shapes and sizes. It is common for many of the town’s working-class residents to hop on Highway 276 and take the brief 15-minute drive to the city for work.

Though the weather in Mauldin tends to stay fairly mild all year long, it still gets hot and humid in the summer. This can make summers feel hotter even though the thermometer will rarely go above 90°F. In the winter, expect the weather to be cold and rainy, although snow is a rare occurrence around this area. Temperatures tend to stay above freezing at the coldest times, but you can also expect about 50 inches of rain on an annual basis.

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