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What Is A Blue Tape Walkthrough?

A blue tape walkthrough, also called a blue tape inspection, is a part of building a home. Although, it occurs after the home construction’s completion date. Typically, around 3 – 4 weeks after. At that time, the potential buyer meets with someone who represents the builders, like a builder’s agent or on-site construction foreman, to go through the home. The buyer may also bring their real estate agent or a close friend to help catch any issues.

It’s similar to a home inspection in that you’re looking for problems big or small that you want to address. That includes major defects like mold and minor flaws like mismatched paint. Together, the buyer, agent, builder representative, and others mark off any items of note with blue tape. In some cases, this includes appliances or systems. Future homeowners may want to consider a home warranty to help cover the cost of repairs for items like these.

A blue tape walkthrough helps you and your builder identify problems, both small and large. That way, you can address any issues before you move in. Some may be a higher priority or need more work than others. But, left untreated, major damage may pose a true risk to the integrity of the home and you, as well as any other residents’ safety.

The bottom line: Blue-Tape Walkthroughs Help to Get Your New Home Move-In Ready! On a blue-tape walkthrough, homeowners identify potential problems or blemishes before the closing. Most new homes only need minor adjustments. But, it’s essential regardless for both the buyer and builder to do so they can address any issues proactively.

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