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Gray Court Real Estate

Gray Court South Carolina

Settlement in the area dates back to before 1750 when European settlers came for work. One of the first names that was given to this area was Dorrohville as an honor for a family who operated and ran post office and Stagecoach Stop Inn. When railroad construction began, all those small towns eventually flourished together into what is now Gray Court today.

Gray Court is a quaint town, situated in the northwest corner of Laurens County. It’s nestled between Fountain Inn and Laurens on highway 14 and I-385 with easy access to cities like Greenville, Columbia, Charleston by way of running through Interstate 385.

Living in Gray Court

Gray Court South Carolina is a small town with an air of authenticity that remnants the old-fashioned traditions, values, and lifestyles. The quaint feel makes it seem like you are living in another time – one where your neighbors knew each other’s names and shared their resources cooperatively.
This quiet rural area offers some peace away from traffic jams or crowded streets for those looking to escape into nature without sacrificing access to major highways or cities nearby. Many buildings and structures are being preserved in an area designated for future settlement. Some of the most notable include Gray Court-Owings School, which is still used today.

If you’re looking for a laid-back town with quaint local shops and cafes, Gray Court is the place to go! This small Southern community has everything from craft breweries like Palmetto Brewing Company that offers seasonal beers on tap or locally roasted coffee beans at The Coffee Vault. With major highways 14 and I-385 passing through this area makes living in Gray Court SC convenient since residents can easily make trips into bigger cities. There’s also plenty of outdoor activities nearby including Lake Keowee & Clemson University which are perfect spots for fishing enthusiasts as well as avid hikers who want an escape from big city life without having to sacrifice modern amenities when they come back home each day.

Real Estate South Carolina

Gray Court is an affordable town for potential homeowners. With a median price range of around $62,600 and home prices ranging between low $60,000 to high 500Ks there are plenty of options available in the relatively rural area. With a reasonable cost of living and low taxes, Gray Court SC real estate is a great place for transplants who are seeking affordable housing.