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Traveler’s Rest Real Estate

Travelers Rest

The town of Traveler’s Rest, originally home to several Indian tribes and a stopover for weary travelers and livestock herders alike, is situated almost directly against the border with North Carolina. In 1888, the construction of what we now call “Swamp Rabbit” began along the Reedy River from Greenville north to River Falls. What was then called Travelers Rest became incorporated as a city in 1891 with it being once a large farming community until their first major industry came into town when Brandon Mills began production at Renfrew Bleachery in 1929. In 2014, Budget Travel magazine named Travelers Rest No. 4 among “coolest small towns in America.”

Location Of Travelers Rest, SC

Travelers Rest is a resort-style city that’s only 104 miles away from Charlotte and 276 miles far from Myrtle Beach. It falls between the Blue Ridge Mountains to its east, Greenville on its west side, and Atlanta in the south.

Business In Travelers Rest, South Carolina

The city has seen a boost in small businesses and retailers alike since revitalizing the downtown area. These improvements include: moving utilities, installing street lights and trees, enhancing sidewalks/pedestrian spaces. The small town of Travelers Rest has maintained its character despite being a part of the ever-growing region. Residents can enjoy nice amenities such as major highways, shopping, and restaurants, businesses in their local area international airport with many outdoor recreational activities to explore close by.

Travelers Rest, SC Recreation and Amenities

There are many outdoor recreational venues in the city of Travelers Rest to take advantage of. The most popular is undoubtedly the Swamp Rabbit Trail that connects travelers rest with Greenville, an 18-mile long trail system perfect for walking and riding bikes! There are also plenty of local parks such as Gateway Park, Pointsett Park, Northside Park where you can play a variety of sports like baseball or soccer whenever you want. And if that doesn’t scratch your itch then it’s only 20 minutes away from several state parks which offer hiking trails and swimming pools among other things too! Can’t forget Caesar’s heard of State Park, Jones Gap, Maris Mountain, Table Rock, and Otter Creek Water Park. These places are just a few miles from Travelers Rest SC real estate which is great for those who want affordable housing in a quiet community with low taxes.

Travelers Rest, SC Real Estate

Travelers Rest is the perfect place to call home, for people looking for a scenic and rapidly growing area. With over 4 thousand residents living there already- you can feel safe in knowing that it will be hard not to make friends!

Located less than 10 miles from Greenville SC real estate, Travelers Retreat has been called “one of South Carolina’s most beautiful communities” by locals who have grown up nearby. This city offers great amenities such as fantastic trails with hiking opportunities or kid-friendly activities like fishing at Beaver Creek Park or picnics on Pinckney Island Recreation Area – all within walking distance from your new house! The area features everything from affordable single-family homes to luxury custom-built houses. The average price tag of homes for sale in Travelers Rest, South Carolina is $240,824. The price ranges from a mere 10k up to millions but the average home per square foot cost comes out at around 76$. With this great deal on a property and such an affordable mortgage payment, you can live your life comfortably with plenty of room for children or pets while still being close enough to Greenville where many amenities exist as well as recreation.