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Tryon Real Estate

The City Of Tryon In North Carolina

Tryon, North Carolina is an up-and-coming city nestled in the Blue Ridge Escarpment region. The moderate winters, rolling landscapes of this scenic location are perfect for both vacationers or those looking to start a new life! In the 1800s, Tryon became a “railroad town” when the construction of a rail line between Spartanburg and Asheville was completed.

When the Tryon area was finally discovered by travelers, it quickly became a popular destination for families and people looking to escape their busy lives. Tryon soon became known for its quality wine made from grapes grown locally on family-owned vineyards. The economic bust of Prohibition eventually forced these family vineyards out of business but fortunately, they have been able to be rekindled recently with several operating vineyards still found today within the area that is open year-round!

If you’re looking for a community with an eye on the future, then Tryon is perfect. With its artistic sense and people-oriented focus, this place will embrace your individuality no matter who you are or what activities interest you. Morris the Horse, a well-loved landmark standing on the corner of Trade and Pacolet Streets, has proudly represented Tryon since 1928. He is both a symbol of the community’s love of horses and a replica of an era gone by when wooden toy horses just like him.