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Real Estate Lead Card

Our Lead Card is a simple, but special tool born from many years of working in real estate. Whether you are a seasoned agent or brand new, use it as a guide to help you remember the simple and critical questions that are easy to overlook. 

How many times have you shown a home only to be told, “I’ll have my agent write it up” or “oh, I have an agent” because that’s the one question you forgot to ask?  As long as you fill the card out completely, this should NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!

Have you ever used a scrap of paper for notes when talking to a new lead, only to misplace it forever?  When you fill the Lead Card out completely, you will know that lead has been added to your CRM.

Being successful in real estate is about systems and processes.  Flying by the seat of your pants will only get you so far and leave thousands of commission dollars on the table.

Because every real estate agent is different, we made the Lead Card in three easy-to-use types: a PDF you can download, a Google Doc, and a Google Form that you can copy and use anywhere.

Let the Expert Real Estate Team equip you with the right tools and systems.  No one said you needed to recreate the wheel. Let's start our journey to real estate success together!

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Downloadable PDF Lead Card

Google Doc Lead Card

Google Form Lead Card