This month we are focusing on the big dog, the mack daddy, the reason the Upstate is so famous; good ole Greenville!



Greenville started out as just Cherokee hunting ground, but over time, it became home to the Great Plains Plantatio, which included a saw mill, stables, and trading post. After the Revolutionary War, the land was given to Patriot soldiers as payment for their service and in 1786, it was named "Greeneville" after General Nathaneal Greene. After several turnovers the land eventually settled under the care of Vandry McBee and he greatly encouraged Greenville growth, giving land to home the first schools, churches, mills, and other businesses. Still just a "tiny resort village", by the mid 1850's railroad lines made Greenville more conveniently accessible and it became home to one of the largest coach manufacturers in the South. Mills soon began popping up everywhere and by 1915, Greenville was the "Textile Center of the South". During the Great Depression, Greenville suffered tremendously, but by war's end it had become a powerhouse again, this time with national highways instead of just dirt roads. The 1960's brought us GSP airport and by the 1980's the Greenville we know and love today began to take shape.

What It's Known For

Greenville is the most widely known city in the Upstate (think of the Upstate as the know who they all are, but Iron Man is usually your first thought). The city has everything you could possibly need and want. It's urban but also rural, cultured but also simple, modern but also traditional. It sometimes seems like the center of the world; the beach and mountains are just a short drive away. Most of the Southeast's biggest cities are within driving distance but you can also hop on a plane and jet around the world! Greenville is a force to be reckoned with, and we have the privilege of living here!

What Can You Do There?

The more appropriate question is, what CAN'T you do there? Greenville is perfect for date nights and family vacations alike. Downtown Greenville is home to multiple award-winning restaurants, museums and performing arts centers, not to mention the breath-takingly beautiful Falls Park at the Reedy River. If sports are more your thing, it is also home to two minor league teams; the Boston Red Sox affiliated Greenville Drive baseball team and the Greenville Road Warriors hockey team. The Greenville Zoo receives internet fame from their live "Earth-cam" giraffe coverage. The Bon Secours Wellness Arena and Peace Center are just two of the options for live entertainment. If the city scape isn't what you're looking for, there are countless hiking trails, farms, and cozy get-away locations that are perfect for a quiet, restful weekend retreat.

Why It's a Great Place to Live

The best part about Greenville is the fact that, regardless of how big it keeps growing there is still that sense of community. It is the largest public school system in the state. Families with small children flock to the county to be a part of the education here. Based on its love of arts and culture, it's no surprise that Greenville is home to the state's top school for artistically talented high schoolers; S.C. Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities. For couples and empty nesters, there is always something new to discover that's only minutes away from your doorstep. You can easily go from small town living to big city life just by walking a few blocks!

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Greenville has everything you could possibly want and need. If you are interested in learning more about the area, call our office 864-895-9791.