City Spotlight



Originally developed as a stagecoach stop in the 1820's, Simpsonville was once called "Plain". While the town struggled some during the Civil War, by 1885 a new rail line was set and the Woodside Cotton Mill helped solidify Simpsonville's status as one of Greenville counties most successful cities. Farmers Bank, now an insurance office, was actually one of the few Greenville County banks that did not collapse during the Great Depression. The strong history of Simpsonville has even been noticed on a national level, as several of its most prominent locations, including the Burdette Building and Simpsonville Baptist Church, are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

What It's Known For

Simpsonville is home to Heritage Park and the Charter Spectrum Amphitheater. While it was once the location of Freedom Weekend Aloft, it is now a prime space for events, concerts, sporting events, etc. Heritage Park even has a working replica miniature steam train! This outdoor epicenter has put Simpsonville on the map as one of Greenville Counties big hitters.

What Can You Do There

Not only are there plenty of outdoor activities among Simpsonville's many parks, but there is also a number of educational activities. The city has the Simpsonville Arts Foundation, which supports and promotes all genres of art in the Simpsonville area, and the historical walking tour, which guides history buffs through the early years of the town, discussing the buildings that helped shape the city to what it is now.

Why It's a Great Place to Live

Over the past few years, Simpsonville has really become a sought after location. In 2010, it was named "One of the Ten Best Towns for Families" by Family Circle Magazine, in 2011 it was named "One of the 25 Best Affordable Cities" by Money Magazine, and just in the last year, Simpsonville has seen an increase in job growth by 1.9% over the rest of the country. What does that mean exactly? It means that no matter what stage you are in, whether you're just starting out, settling into family life, or about to retire, Simpsonville is a great place to live during al of life's stages.