City Spotlight

Travelers Rest


Travelers Rest (or TR) has a unique beginning in that the city became populated by pure convenience. In the 1800's, travelers would stop and stay in the TR area for a few days or even a few months during the winter since mountain weather can be so unpredictable. Some of the travelers were "drovers", which were livestock hoarders. Drovers would herd different types of livestock from the north towards the lower part of the state. Inn owners who provided livestock pens became quite popular as drovers used TR as their resting place. With so many travelers, the need arose for basic businesses to call TR home. Between 1808 and 1883, TR had its own post office, churches and schools, including what is now known as Travelers Rest High School. Railway construction began in 1888 on the "Swamp Rabbit", which is the nickname of the train that traveled from North Greenville to River Falls. After not one, but two city incorporations, TR quickly began to grow. The early 1900's brought major industries and the reputation as one of the Upstate's heavy hitters.

What It's Known For

Travelers Rest has always been known as the go-between of Greenville and Spartanburg, but it is growing so rapidly, it has become a hot spot all its own! It even made it on the "15 of America's Coolest Small Towns" list in 2014 from the Huffington Post.

What Can You Do There?

It may appear to be a sleepy little town, but looks can be deceiving. Travelers Rest is a short drive from numerous state parks, including Jones Gap and Caesars Head, and other historical attractions, like Poinsett Bridge and Swamp Rabbit Trail. Downtown TR boasts numerous restaurants and shops (even a distillery!) With three large universities just minutes away, you'll likely find a sporting event or cultural attraction to attend.

Why It's a Great Place to Live

Travelers Rest has all the convenience of a large city while still having the feel of a peaceful little town. Not only is it continuing to grow in the Upstate, but it's starting to get national attention. There are a number of committees dedicated to the preservation of the city's history, so you know it's a city full of people who love where they live and are committed to keeping it an amazing place for generations to come.