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Waterfront Buying - 5 Tips to Consider

Buying a home is always a complicated process, but when considering waterfront property, there are many other factors that a buyer must consider. Fortunately, the Expert Real Estate Team has a lot of experience with waterfront properties. Here are a few tips on what to expect when purchasing a waterfront home or property. 

  1. Consider the property first, then the structure. You may fall in love with the waterfront home but have you considered the property? Make sure to check out how you would access the water and if you can swim in the water. Also consider the privacy of the waterfront property – you may want to be private or you may want to be close to neighbors. It’s important to take this into consideration. You can change a home but you cannot change the location. 
  2. Choose a property that fits your lifestyle and the waterfront activities you have in mind. You may find a beautiful property for sale, but if you’re looking for a waterfront property that needs to be close to where you work you may want to consider the time it will take to commute to and from your waterfront property. Also find out what kind of activities are allowed on the body of water, as some areas have restrictions on jet skis, speedboats and other watercraft.
  3. Make sure the waterfront property can withstand the weather and consider the type of insurance needed. Waterfront homes receive more abuse from the elements than the average home, so extra measures should be taken to protect them from extra moisture. It is also a good idea to look at what insurance is needed when purchasing a waterfront property. 
  4. Find out what you can do with the property. If you want to make any changes to your waterfront property, such as adding a dock, start this process early to ensure that these alterations will be possible. There could be restrictions in place in the subdivisions where you choose to live. If you’re part of a homeowners association, find out what kind of upkeep and maintenance of the property will be required from you by reviewing the subdivision covenants or restrictions.
  5. Talk to People in the Waterfront Community. Talking with your potential neighbors can give you some great insight. Do they enjoy living in the community? Are there issues with the area or are their waterfront-related problems? In addition to your real estate agent, getting insider information from your neighbors can be the best source of information before deciding to buy the waterfront property. 


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