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Important Websites and Apps for Agents

There's an abundance of supplementary websites and applications out there that you should be familiar with. Some of the initial resources I'd recommend exploring are the GIS or Geographic Information System sites. Each county has its own GIS site, and they offer a treasure trove of useful information. We've even produced a set of short tutorials to provide you with a quick rundown on how to utilize these resources, which you can find on our quick links webpage. With the GIS sites, you can overlay a floodplain on the property you're studying, add the topography, even apply zoning data. These tools are invaluable for your professional development in real estate.

In addition, there are several apps to consider, especially if you're often in the field presenting properties. For instance, HuntStand is an exceptional app, recommended to me by my husband. This app is particularly useful when you're touring a property with a client, providing satellite imagery and location tracking to ensure you don't lose your way in an unfamiliar area.

Don't forget to regularly review MLS statistics as well. These data will arm you with the knowledge you need to establish yourself as an expert and to provide the best possible service to your clients.

Also, I encourage you to look into NAR's '179 things Realtors do.' It's a comprehensive list demonstrating the vast range of services we offer to justify our fees and demonstrate our value. I believe you'll find it immensely helpful.

For quick access to all the resources mentioned in this video, simply visit our quick links webpage for more information. There you will find everything you need to expand your expertise.